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                                                      Peaks & Valleys               Oil             24x30       31x37            $1945

     Cletus Smith has had to explain his name all his life, but it sets him apart from all the other Smiths. His ability with a paintbrush has also set him apart in wonderful ways.

     Cletus has experienced many forms of art from industrial design projects to teaching Fine Art at the University of Oklahoma for many years. He has welcomed them all with his insatiable appetite for all things art and desgin. He recently completed a remodel of an old Taos adobe back to its original charm.

     Cletus carries the torch for the period of Romanticism as exemplified by the Hudson River School of landscape painting. He also understands that tension is an integral aspect of any compelling painting and this seems to be intuitive for him. His dramatic florals are set against dark, nearly ominous backdrops. His beckoning landscapes are of softly reflected light and blended edges juxtaposed against the sharp verticals of trees and architecture. Winter scene drama is created by the brilliance of snow as a foil to the deep blue-violet shadows cutting swaths across the land.



Storm Is Passing Over      Oil      24x36      25x37 framed      $2600

       "I am a storyteller and visionary artist as well as an expressionist landscape painter. My goal is to capture some essence of the drama I see unfolding before me", states Mary Ann Warner. This painting exceeds her goal as the drama is palpable, the storm is imminent and we feel the passion of the landscape.





                                                                                     Gemstone Pendants in 14k Gold by G. L. Miller

       G. L. Miller creates as any artist with varying subject matter. In this instance he has brought together the traditional design of centuries-old European jewelry, but with a contemporary twist. The clean lines set against the elegant cuts of the stones makes these pieces all the more dear.



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       Act I Gallery is dedicated to being an exciting, welcoming gallery offering great art at great prices. Constantly changing exhibits, special events and a user-friendly web site encourage our customers to grow in appreciation and knowledge of fine art. Our goals is to enrich the quality of your lives through the acquisition of fine art while building personal, long-term relationships for 22 years - and counting!

      Your selection includes paintings by Dinah K. Worman, Peggy McGivern, Joyce Hamil, Iva Morris, Doug Candelaria, Cletus Smith, Audrey Davis, Sharon Craft, Virginia Vaughan, Patricia Jacobsen, Teena Ryan, Kent Hicks, Mark Horst, Bobbie Markeson, Mary Ann Warner, Jeri Moore, Elizabeth Black and Lee Heartwell.

      Jewelry in sterling silver and gold are by G. L. Miller while beadwork is by Vicki Swiatek. There is glass by William C. Davis and Lydia Piper; bronze sculpture by Nnamdi Okonkwo, and Wendy Salin. We also represent wood turned bowls by Matt Moulthrop and Philip Moulthrop; gourd maidens by Mark and Nancy Hargis, ceramic figures by Jan Winchester, furniture by Seymour Wheelock and Glenn Sweet and last, but not least, wind sculpture by Roger Heitzman. The stone water fountains by Jan Moore grace our courtyard and can be shipped directly to your home.

     Act I Gallery has become a destination gallery for visitors and locals alike. Known for diversity in media and subject matter, we offer you a diverse selection of original art, whether you collect oil paintings, pastels, watercolors, bronze, jewelry, ceramics, turned wood or turning wind sculpture. With time payments always part of our offerings, collectors have garnered fine art collections to share with family and friends and then on to heirs and museums.


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